Intellectual Anti-potion

They’re trying to pulverize my intellect
But I bring a massive mind explosion
Setting the Greek philosophers in motion.

I bring you an intellectual anti-potion
With no commotion
Machiavelli rather be feared than loved
But people power makes him cold

Like the serpent in the Garden of Eden
I persuade you, mind blow you
Indulge you in speaking truth to power

Like a flourishing flower
I challenge Plato returning him to his cradle,

I only fuck with Karl Max,
His workers are tight,
Eventually overthrowing the corrupted political economic class,
Building a new critical mass

I take my struggle on the fast lane
With no pain only victory to gain.

I return to education
My passion
My emancipation proclamation,
I give you this equation for your edification.

Budget cuts are only a mask
Concealing the real task to privatize schools,
But I’m no fool
We need to wake up stand up rise up
Demand education for a better nation.


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